Joint Injections in Equine


There are many different opinions regarding the issue of equine joint injections. Some are against it and think its doing more harm than good. Others believe it’s completely safe and effective. I personally am undecided about the issue. I see both good and bad points as to whether people should inject their horse’s joints, coming from someone who has never done joint injections in a horse. If a horse does have problems within the joint and a vet can diagnose the lameness, I think the treatment of the condition is important to be taken care of. It is essential to give the horse better mobility, less pain, and reduce the swelling. As long as the treatment is done in a proper manner and whoever is administering the injection is well qualified for the procedure. Although injecting a horse’s joint can help a horse, it can also harm a horse. Sometimes when performing the injection it may not help the horse as desired. It can potentially cause infection and is something that will have to be repeatedly administrated that can be very costly. Joint injections can be very dangerous; the needle can get stuck in the horse, which can cause more serve damage to the horse. All in all I think that injecting a horse’s joint should be done very cautiously. I think that people should be aware of the outcome of the procedure. Having a well educated vet administrate the injection and do it, only if necessary is the safest way. Some get injections for prevention, but I believe the injections should only be used for critical injured horses and done properly. I also think if there are other ways to help strengthen horse’s joints, such as therapy, that it should be done before giving an injection.


About backwoods blondie

I am currnetly a senior attending MSU, where I will graduate in May of 2014 with a business agricultural degree. Even though I am living in the city, my roots are in Nevada, Mo where I was born and rasied. Very close knit family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoying showing pigs and riding horses. My life has always been based around agricultral and farming, so I know how important it is to stay informed of whats going on in the agricultural world. I work at a vet clinic and feedstore, which is what I plan to contuine after finshing school. I love being outside and working, just always doing, hunting, riding 4-wheelers, rodeoing, and speing time with friends and family.

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