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Blizzard in October…?


As I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, an article caught my attention….a Blizzard in October. I clicked on the link and after reading it I was devastated. In western rural areas of South Dakota this past weekend, they suffered a dramatic blizzard. Ten of thousands of cattle died from the blizzard that swept through the state Friday. Not only is it a multi-million dollar impact to the state, but with the government partial shutdown and the Congress failing to pass the farm bill, the farmers and ranchers of South Dakota are at a complete and total loss. Timing couldn’t be any worse for this early October blizzard. Many of them are used to the harsh storms during the winter, but they were unprepared for the catastrophic storm as were the cattle unprepared as well, with no winter coat to protect them from the freezing wind and snow. With this being one of the hardest hit storms reporting twenty to fifty percent of rancher’s herds being killed. It worries me that since the government is in partial shutdown, what are they farmers and ranchers to do now? The government has programs to help those who suffer losses from weather, but those programs are ineffective since the farm bill failed to pass. Those in need have lots of questions and concerns, but who are going to answer those questions with the shutdown down employees being “furloughed?” Even if they are repaid for their loss, twenty percent of their herd being gone, it will take years for them to re-establish from that. All they can do now is record and document everything that they have lost in hopes that in the future they will receive the help to rebuild. As they continue on with their lives, looking for cattle that have blown miles away, unbury ones they lost, and depose of the carcasses of the cattle, I will pray for them and that they receive any amount of help they can get. Agricultural and cattle are too big in this world for something like this to go unnoticed.