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Missouri Corn Harvest 2013


With corn being cut for this year, I was curious to see if there was a spike in this year’s corn harvest compared to last years. I was surprised just looking at the average rainfall for Missouri in 2013. Farmers in 2012 took a hard hit from the hot dry weather in Missouri and the lack of rain, many losing the harvest altogether or not yielding enough to make money. This past summer on the other hand in Missouri was about one of the best a farmer could ask for. Starting in the spring when planting began rain starting falling which caused farmers to replant and getting plating done until June; some farmers claimed the late start as one of their best years’. On average in Missouri we received six more inches of rain throughout the spring than normal, although sometimes the rain was not in the critical growing stages still helped. The rain didn’t stop there, throughout the summer it was still hot and normal through June and July, but come August in Missouri received three more inches on average than normal. This allowed farmers to cut in September giving the ground enough time to dry out. That last little bit of rain really boosted the corn for 2013. I never realized how important and how much rain affected the annual yield of crops. With that being said, of course I was curious to see what kind of yield farmers put up this year with the increase of rainfall for 2013. Irrigated fields obviously received a higher yield of 230-250 bushels per acre. According to the USDA report on November 4, eight-two percent of Missouri’s corn crop had been harvested. With harvest still underway in some areas in southwest Missouri due to the late planting, the average estimation looks to be about average or above average depending on the area, but around 150-170 bushels per acre of a non-irrigated field. The late harvest has also allowed more less moisture content in the corn which is less drying time and reduces cost for corn producers. Altogether it looks like 2013 of corn harvest has been a success for farmers.