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Vaccine Facts


This week in agricultural I have had the “opportunity “ to read and watch the recent video that Chipotle put out called “Scarecrow.” As an agricultural activist I have had some time to reflect on this video and think about what it was really promoting. Then I realized they are promoting what they want consumers to know not what is true, therefore I must promote what I want consumers to actually know about the agricultural industry. I can’t set back and watch this take place, and the only way I know how to do something is to inform. Inform people around my community, schools, and world what the agricultural industry is about. What better way to do that then through social media, such as Chipotle did. Starting with a short YouTube video that I have recently made with a follow classmate, we informed viewers about the so-called vaccines that harm the meat of animal. My job as a vet tech is to not harm the animal, but help them. We are a hospital for animals. So many people think that any type of injection is harmful to animal. If administrated wrong or too much is given or the wrong drug is given, then yes, that can be dangerous for the animal and the meat they provide us with. That is the same thing with humans and hospitals though. The drug gets in the wrong hands of someone; someone diagnosed with the wrong treatment, or given incorrectly can harm a person as well. You will learn through the video that they are helpful and safe ways to give vaccines. Such as being administrated by a vet, or given under the skin and not directly protruding into the muscle as all safe methods of treatment. Small steps such as my video or taking the time to just explain what the agricultural industry really is can change someone’s outlook on it and that is my goal.