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Ozark Farm Neighbor Talk


In my public relations class this past week I had to privilege of listening to Lynzee Glass, the managing editor of the Ozark Farm Neighbor Newspaper speak to us. She shared with us statics and struggles they are under gone with their Newspaper over the past few years. With fifty-eight thousands readers throughout their viewing area, they were looking into using social media to increase that number of readers. The forms of social media that the Ozark Farm Neighbor Newspaper are currently using are directly with their Newspaper and they have more actively started using Twitter and Facebook to help expand their name and capture more readers. The newspaper also wanted to a target younger audience and using social media is the greatest way to do so. With most of their readers being males between the ages of thirty-five and sixty-four, cow-calf operators managing an average 329 acres Ozark Farm Neighbor was looking to broaden their reader horizon. Therefore they looked to social media to help them. With Lynzee Glass’s help they have been able to join and be more active within the social media network gain a more diverse demographics of readers. It’s one thing to have social media, but one the struggles businesses face is using that social media to their advantage. Updating and posting pictures and likes is a must. Having the most update information and using the most popular technology out that targets the younger audience the Ozark Farm Neighbor Newspaper is looking for. Adding to their business they have gained more followers on Twitter and Facebook as well as more likes throughout their posts. With their paper only going out every two weeks, they are able to publish and post more current information. The paper still caters to the already established readers by still publishing their usual paper, they are only adding to the readers and expanding their name.