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Reflection on Blogging


Over the past four months I have been introduced to blogging. At first I was very hesitant about the whole idea. I felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to write about or I find anything interesting to read and comment on. Little did I know, that blogging is its own world. I have been challenged to research topics to write about and my blog allows me to voice my opinion. Not only have learned a lot about agriculture from reading other blogs but I have learned a lot writing my own blogs. I want educate people about agriculture and spark their interest in my passion. Blogging has allowed me to tell my story and challenged me to research information to give readers facts as well. I hope to be able to continue this blog in the future. I enjoy reading others blogs and keeping update on news in the agricultural world. Blogging has opened doors for me of following new and fascinating people over the past four months. Social media is the new form of networking and getting your name out there. I feel like this a great opportunity for me to keep following new people and learn about new topics within the world, not just related to agricultural. Especially with finishing school soon and looking to start a career, networking with new people and businesses is going to help benefit me for the future. It has opened doors for me and shed light to new trends and issues in the public relations world. Blogging has even challenged me to be creativity and learn new tricks and knowledge about topics. I have also been up to date on current social media news, reviews, and trends. I am really glad I have been introduced to the blogging world and been challenged to try new things and follow new people.